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September 2019 ....

New Plans for the Seeded Meadow:

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Last year the Friends of Eastfield Park put forward a proposal to convert the seeded meadow near Eleonore House into a wildflower garden.  The idea was to have an area planted with deliberately selected wildflowers and few, if any, grasses.  The proposal was accepted by the Borough Council but proved impossible to implement because of a lack of volunteers to do the necessary work.  We now realise that the effort required to create and manage such a garden is currently beyond the capability of the FoEP.  In addition to this, the seeded meadow is now proving very successful.  It has a good range of flowers and grasses and is attracting a variety of insects and other wildlife. Rather than replacing the meadow with something different we have now suggested that the meadow should be extended to roughly the area shown on the following map. This suggestion has been approved by NBC and idverde, the company that is contracted to carry out groundwork in the Park.

We have two short but important activities in the Park during October.  On 5th October, for just two hours in the morning (10.00 to noon), we will be collecting litter and other rubbish.  On 26th October we will be carrying out various conservation tasks, again just for two hours (10.00 to noon).  A lot of litter has been dropped in the Park over the summer and various conservation tasks need doing before winter sets in.  Please do consider joining us for one or both activities.  Your help will be greatly appreciated! Click on posters for more information.

The extended area will be seeded with various meadow species this autumn after removing patches of the present turf.  Some wildflowers will also be planted as plugs next spring, so we now hink it more appropriate to call the meadow a ‘planted meadow’ rather than a ‘seeded meadow’.  A pathway will be cut through the extension to allow people to walk through the meadow from the corner of the fence separating the Park from Eleonore House to the ‘Buttermere Scrub’ beyond without having to trek through long grass or trample wildflowers.

These plans, and much more, were set out in a 'State of the Park' (Water Resources and Vegetation) report written in September 2019 by FoEP Chair, Vic Smith, and submitted to the Eastfield Park Management Committee for approval.  A copy of the report can be obtained by clicking on the following button:

Since idverde have told us that they will be planting saplings in the Heritage Zone (Parkland Area) and are now maintaining trees to a higher standard than previously, volunteers working with the FoEP will not be carrying out any work on the trees in that area for the foreseeable future.  We will, however, be planting certain native broad-leaved trees in the Lakeview Spinney. The two set-aside areas in the Heritage Zone (Parkland Area) will be in the same places in 2020 as they were this year.

Tidy-up Poster 2019

Following the recent call out to find people to lead a jogging group in the Eastfield Park area, an organisation called Running Mate, who already run groups around the county, have kindly come forward to do this along with a local resident who is being trained to take this on in the longer term. Before Running Mate are able to proceed, they need to know that there’s the demand from local people for this group, find out if the days/times they are looking to run are suitable and whether residents are willing to follow their normal model of paying up front for these sessions. The proposal is for them to offer sessions on Wednesday evenings and during the day on Friday for 10 weeks to complete the 'Couch to 5K' programme with people ideally paying £30 up front, or £2 per session with the opportunity to attend as many of them as possible. Can people please email:

[email protected]

with their thoughts on this as soon as possible, so we can get the group literally up and running.

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A jogging group for Eastfield

Coming up in October

Planted Meadow Plan 2019 for web State of the Park - Sept. 2019 Conservation Poster 2019