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FoEP: Improving the Park for the benefit of the whole community

About the FoEP: RESEARCH

The Friends of Eastfield Park (FoEP) carry out research into the history of the Park and its surroundings.  We also investigate the Park's wildlife & biodiversity and encourage others to do the same.  Our findings will eventually be presented on our 'sister' website, http://eastfieldpark.eastfieldward.co.uk/.  What follows on this page is just a 'taste' of our work:

Bernard Kelly has researched the history of the Park and its connection with, first the Manfield family, and then the Rays. Vic smith has looked into the more remote history of the land that now forms the Park. They are both interested in stories about the Park since it was acquired by Northampton Borough Council.

The local Wildlife Trust has investigated habitats within the Park including the ponds, one of the spinneys and areas of grassland, some of which are rich in meadow species.  Vic Smith studied the ponds in 2010 and is building up a collection of wildlife photographs taken in the Park.  Recently, students from Northampton College and the University of Northampton have used the Park for fieldwork.

The map also shows historical field boundaries in the vicinity of Eastfield Park based on an 1887 OS map with the original enclosed fields shaded in colour. (1671 field names in red, 1742 field names in blue, approximate present park boundary shown in green.)

Field Plans with labels & Pk outline

Before the 20th Century, the land that now forms Eastfield Park in the Borough of Northampton, was divided between the parishes of Abington and Weston Favell:

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