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FoEP: Improving the Park for the benefit of the whole community



The Friends of Eastfield Park (FoEP) aim to make people more aware of Eastfield Park by encouraging its use for a variety of activities, some of which we organise or take part in ourselves.

We want to see a greater number of people using the Park in a variety of ways.  We want to see more organised events, more casual gatherings, more joggers, more dog-walkers, more bird-watchers, more children playing, more picnics, and so on.  We want to see more people enjoying the Park every day of the year!  We firmly believe that as more and more people use the Park for legitimate purposes the incidence of antisocial activities will decrease!


With this in mind we organise our own events on the Park and want to participate, wherever possible, in those organised by other people. We have organised the ‘Easter@Eastfield’ event, including an Easter Trail for children, on the Park every year since 2008.  In recent years we have joined with members of Broadmead Baptist Church and St Albans Anglican Church to sing carols in or near the Park at Christmas, finishing up in Eleonore House to entertain the residents.


We encourage other groups to organise events on the Park and join with them whenever we can. In the past this has included the Eastfield Festival run by the Eastfield Residents Association and a family picnic organised by the Headland Children's Centre. In July, 2015, we joined in the ‘Eastfield Celebrates’ festival on the Park organised by the Eastfield Residents Association.  The event included battle re-enactments by the Vikings of Mercia.


However, we are a small group and have not been able to organise all the activities we would like to. If you are interested in helping to plan and/or run an event or activity in the Park, please let us know.  You don’t have to be interested in everything we do!  All we ask for is some interest in enjoying the Park in some way.