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This year's 'Autumn Enhancement of the Park' was split over two days: a 'Tidy-up' in September (report below left) and Gardening in Octoberr (report below right):

Much of the anti-social activity in Eastfield Park is fueled by alcohol consumption.  It is often under the influence of alcohol that park furniture is damaged or dumped into the lake. Signs have gone up at some of the park entrances pointing out that people are not allowed to take any intoxicating substance, including alcohol, into the Park.  Failure to comply could result in a fixed penalty charge of £100. (Note that it is also an offence to remove these notices!)

Following our success in Northampton in Bloom in 2017 (see bottom right panel) the Friends of Eastfield Park are hoping to achieve even more next year.  The theme for next year's Bloom is 'Remembrance' and we have already started planting with this in mind.

2017 Autumn Gardening Report

Our autumn gardening activity on the afternoon of 14th October included widening the Eleonore House insect-friendly herbaceous border and planting daffodil bulbs along the newly created strip at the front of the garden. However, space was left for adding twelve mature forget-me-not plants (Myosotis) between the bulbs.  These were added on 27th October and should bloom next spring.  In 1949, Newfoundland (then a separate British Dominion) used the forget-me-not as a symbol of remembrance of that nation's war dead and it is sometimes worn to remember those who have died signifying that, although they may have gone, they are not forgotten.  It is therefore an appropriate plant to have at the very front of the garden.  We also hope that later next year we will have a number of poppies blooming in the garden, a plant more commonly associated with those who died in conflict. (A short report of all the work carried out during the autumn gardening afternoon is included in the bottom left panel.)

On Thursday 26th October four trees (two oak and two beech) were planted by the FoEP in the Park's heritage zone. The exact sites were agreed with NBC's tree officer the previous week and marked with circles or crosses.  NBC Park Rangers provided secondhand materials and helped use them to build cages around each plant, providing another example of excellent co-operation between NBC and the FoEP.  If the planting is successful, next year one of the oak trees will be dedicated to the memory of Neville Philip Manfield, son of James Manfield who owned this land during the First World War. Neville was killed in action on 9th September, 1916, aged 22.

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Anti-social Activity in Eastfield Park

The Friends of Eastfield Park received a silver-gilt award in Northampton in Bloom and a Level 4 'Thriving' award in the Royal Horticultural Society's It's Your Neighbourhood.

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On Saturday 21st October a small group of cub scouts from Parklands worked in very windy weather planting Rosemary bushes (Rosmarinus officinalis) and daffodil bulbs along the Eleonore House north-facing fence. Rosemary is another plant associated with remembrance and there is some evidence that the smell of Rosemary can stimulate memory.

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Blooming good results!