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May 2019 ....

State of the Park Inspection:

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Love Parks Week:

Dr Vic Smith (Chair of the Friends of Eastfield Park and the Eastfield Park Management Committee) and Chris Stacey (NBC Park Ranger for Eastfield Park) carried out a detailed inspection of the facilities and equipment in Eastfield Park on 14th and 23rd May, 2019. Urgent issues were reported to NBC for immediate action; other, less important, issues and general information collected during the inspection will be included in a report submitted to the Management Committee on 11th June.

The inspection covered footpaths, ground conditions, facilities and equipment.  Water resources and vegetation (including trees and grass) will be considered in an inspection carried out later in the year. The facilities and equipment examined during the inspection included waste bins, benches, information and notice boards, bollards at park entrances and play equipment.  Some park users have asked whether the numbers found on waste bins in the Park are connected with the inspection. They are not; those numbers are for the use of contractors looking after the Park.  The FoEP uses its own numbering system which is shown on a map but not marked on the bins. A copy of the current version of the map is illustrated below.

'Love Parks Week' is an annual celebration of British parks promoted by the 'Keep Britain Tidy' organisation. This year it takes place from 12th to 21st July. The FoEP have already planned two events during the week: a litter pick and general tidy-up on Saturday,13th July, and an after school kite flying event on Thursday, 18th July.  (See posters for more information.)  We hope to work with other organisations to promote more activities on the Park during the week.  Follow us on Facebook where we will announce details as they become available.

It may be noticed by regular park users that some of the items shown on the map no longer exist in the Park.  They are, however, still listed and included in the survey so that we can monitor the loss, replacement and addition of equipment to the Park.  For example, the map shows 14 numbered dog bins (D1 to D14).  These were all present in the Park when the Management Committee was set up in 2014. Since then, three (D7, D10 & D14) have been removed because they were badly damaged.  Similarly, of the six litter bins (L1 to L6) that were in the Park in 2014, one (L4) has been lost.  (It was actually thrown into the Lake by vandals and then removed from the Lake by NBC.)  The good news is that  since 2016 seven new waste bins have been provided.  Since it is now permitted to use all waste bins for the disposal of bagged dogs' mess, the number of bins available for this purpose has increased from 14 in 2014 to 23 in 2019.

Numbered Facilities 2019 crop

During the inspection, equipment was assessed on a six point scale where '5' means 'Pristine - no damage of any kind', '4' represents 'Good Condition - only cosmetic damage', '3' indicates 'Satisfactory Condition - some damage but usable', '2' is used to denote an 'Unsatisfactory Condition - unusable or very inconvenient to use, the equipment needs repair or replacement', '1' is used for equipment that is in a 'Dangerous Condition, requiring immediate attention', and a score of zero means the equipment is missing.  Two of the bins were found to be in an unsatisfactory condition and this will be included in the report submitted to the Management Committee but it does not necessarily mean that the bins will  be repaired or replaced in the near future.

The FoEP would like to see at least two more waste bins on the Park: one near Bench S2 by the football pitches and one replacing the missing dog bin, D10, close to Greenside.

Kite Flying 2019 Notice A4 Poster Child version 2019 Clean-up