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Students from the Booth Lane Campus of Northampton College  have been helping to make Eastfield Park a better place for people and wildlife.

Another group of students worked in the Park on Wednesdays between 1.00 and 3.00 pm.  In addition to litter picking they removed branches from two trees that had fallen into the area surrounding the football pitches.  These fallen trees were preventing grass from being cut along the hedge that separates the playing field from the trees and bushes to the south of the football ground (called the 'Buttermere Scrub' by the FoEP).  The students also moved the trunks of these trees into the hedge and cut up the detached branches, using them to fill gaps in the hedge and create more animal habitats.  One gap in the hedge was, however, opened up to improve access to the footpaths running through the scrub.  Students will continue to improve the hedge after the half-term break, removing branches that stick out into the Park.  This work will also be undertaken by volunteers from local churches  working under the 'Loving Northampton: 10,000 Hours' banner:


One group has been working in the Park on Tuesday afternoons between 1.00 pm and 2.30 pm.  They have been litter picking, weeding and planting.  This group also organised a cake sale, the proceeds from which were donated to the FoEP.  Part of the donation was used by the FoEP to buy plants which the students later planted on the 'Garden of Remembrance' (otherwise known as the Eleonore House Insect-friendly Herbaceous Border).


The 'Garden of Remembrance' has been weeded and new plants added by students from Northampton College. Two poppy wreaths have been placed on the metal fence and a 'WE REMEMBER' banner hung on the wooden fence.  The first four crosses have been added to the garden and we invite others who wish to remember loved ones to do the same.


One of the oak whips planted last autumn was damaged and had to be replaced but  both beech whips and the other oak are doing well. The photograph below shows the original oak whip with plenty of new growth.

IMGP8306comp IMGP8305comp IMGP8302cropcomp Postercomp

Student Poster

Planting a Lavender

Plants bought with donation

The Student Group

IMGP8324comp IMGP8328cropcomp IMGP8331comp IMGP8329comp

Students removing branches from a fallen tree

Trunk and branches pushed back into hedge

Pile of branches cut from fallen tree (the trunk has already been dealt with)

Branches removed leaving a very tidy site

IMGP8336comp IMGP8323comp IMGP8348comp

'Garden of Remembrance' with 'WE REMEMBER' banner

First crosses in the 'Garden of Remembrance'

Oak whip planted last autumn