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March saw some unusually bad weather for the time of year with snow covering the Park on the 3rd of the month, the day we were planning to have our 'Spring Clean' in the Park.  The tidy-up was therefore postponed and it has now been rescheduled for 21st April (see poster).  This is the day before 'Earth Day' when people are asked to remember our planet and the damage we are doing to it.  It is an annual worldwide occasion celebrated on April 22 and various events are held to demonstrate support for the environment.  It therefore seems sensible to give our Spring Clean the theme 'Prepare for Earth Day'.


The bad weather in March followed a very wet winter.  Understandably, the start of grass mowing was delayed by the water-logged muddy conditions over much of the Park.  The snow and rain also delayed marking out the set-aside areas but we were able to outline two areas on 21st March, just four days before cutting eventually started. These set-aside areas are sections of the Park that will not be mowed by the contractors until late summer.  This will enable native wild flowers to grow and set seed, improving the appearance and biodiversity of the Park and encouraging insects, especially the all-important pollinators.  This year, one of the set-aside areas is a modified version of the larger area that has been set aside for the last two years while the other is a smaller, ‘experimental’ area.  To make it easier for walkers, the large area will have diagonal paths cut across it when the grass gets longer.  The future of the smaller area will depend on the species of wild plants that eventually grow in it.  Both areas will be monitored by the FoEP and staff from the local Wildlife Trust.  These two set aside areas should not be confused with the ‘planted meadow’ close to Eleonore House that was marked out two weeks earlier. This meadow has been sowed with introduced seeds, although it does have a small area of ‘natural’ set aside attached to it for comparison.

While marking out the set aside areas, one FoEP member had an altercation with a motorcyclist riding across the Park.  The Police have been informed and have promised to increase their activity against such disagreeable troublemakers.  Apart from the risks to innocent park users, these inconsiderate miscreants damage footpaths and the Park’s surface.

Our 'Easter&Eastfield' family fun after-noon was held on Easter Saturday, the last day of March, too late to be included in March News.  A report of the event will therefore be include in next month's news.  However, we would like to record our thanks to the following:


The event was organised by The FoEP with help from Broadmead Baptist Church & St Alban's in Broadmead Ave.


We are grateful to the following for do-nating prizes:

Aldi in Weston Favell

Co-op in Bushland Road

Lakeview News in Churchill Avenue

Morrisons in Kettering Road

Rothwell Convenience Store in Broad-mead Avenue

Tesco in Weston Favell

Wilco in Weston Favell

and the friends and members of Broad-mead Baptist Church


We also extend thanks to the following Councillors for funding the event from their Community Empowerment Fund:

Cllr Stephen Hibbert

Cllr Anna King

Cllr Brian Markham


(Please note that Cllrs Mike Hallam, Paul Joyce & Anna King are funding

other aspects of the FoEP’s work.)

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Another unfortunate example of vandalism in the Park is the repeated uprooting of the cages surrounding the four tree whips planted last autumn.  Attempts were made to strengthen the posts supporting the cages but to no avail.  Rings have now been painted around the whips to make them stand out to tractor drivers if the cages are missing.  It is hoped that the trees themselves will not be damaged.