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More voluntary work in Park ....

On Friday 2nd June, volunteers from the Nationwide Building Society did some excellent work in Eastfield Park. They dug over and weeded a large part of the 'back' of the Crescent Rock Garden, filled in some hazardous holes in the parkland area, spread wood chippings on the informal pathway that runs between the ponds and the northern boundary of the Park, cleared vegetation along the pathway that runs through the 'Buttermere Scrub' (north of Howard Biley Gardens), removed branches from a fallen tree between the Lake and Eleonore House, and tidied up the wood pile from trees cut down on the 'lake slope' last autumn. These photos show just some of the work they did and the Friends of Eastfield Park wish to thank them for all their efforts and achievements.


Other News ....

June News ....

Jo and Mary from Daffodils Decluttering have continued to keep the Eleonore House Insect-friendly Herbaceous Border tidy. It has been looking particularly good during the month and will form the focus of our submission to North-ampton in Bloom and the RHS 'It's Your Neighbourhood' competition.

Work on the Insect-friendly Border

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Although the planted meadow near Eleonore House is not yet looking as good as we want it to, it is providing a habitat for many species of insect especially bees and hoverflies. There were even lots of Common Blue Damsel Flies flying over it at the end of June.

On Saturday 10th June, Broadmead Baptist Church, working with the FoEP, hosted one of the volunteer projects under the 'Loving Northampton: 1000 hours' banner. During the day, 16 volunteers contributed around 45 hours of effort.  Excluding the 8 members of the FoEP who took part (some of whom are members of local churches) three churches were represented: Broadmead Baptist Church, the Community Church and Living Grace Church. Work included litter picking, cutting up branches left by the Nationwide volunteers to make a second hedgehog hotel, and spreading more chippings on pathways.

Clearing Pathways

Vic and Chris have stopped work on the lake slope for the time being to allow them to spend time clearing pathways through the wooded areas in the Park.  They made a start on the path through Lakeview Spinney in June and plan to move on to others in July.

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This is the pile of litter collected by lunchtime - more was added in the afternoon (totalling, by the end of the day, 15 bags of litter, part of a cot, a car seat, a speaker, a bird bath and a plastic bread tray). While litter was being collected, Vic and Chris from the FoEP, cut back branches along pathways through the wooded areas. In the afternoon they helped Adam Eakins, Pastor at Broadmead Baptist, and FoEP member Martin Sawyer, spread more wood chippings on the paths north of the ponds.

Path Clearance June 6th EH I-f Border from Jo June 2017 - 2 EH I-f Border from Jo June compIMGP6095 compIMGP6108crop

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