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July News ....


The FoEP is again carrying out conservation work in Eastfield Park after a four month break because of the coronavirus restrictions.  We still have to be careful, though, and follow all government guidelines about social distancing, etc.

ACTS 2020:

Some of the Activities have to be carried out in the Park but others can be done at home. For example, Activity 6 is to "make an A4 poster that would either attract more visitors to Eastfield Park or help reduce antisocial activity in the Park." It asks you to scan or photograph the poster and send it to the FoEP. Only one poster has been submitted so far:

Detailed information about the activities are shown on our new  website at https://www.foep.co.uk/acts.  You can also download activity sheets for some of the tasks from the same website. We are also promoting the activities on Facebook, sometimes challenging people to carry out a particular activity on a particular day.

As mentioned in our June News, the FoEP are not organising any public events during the summer of 2020  but instead are encouraging people to take part in the 'ACTS in Eastfield Park' programme. The programme is aimed at older children and younger teenagers (say, 11 to 16) but anybody can participate if they wish to. We hope that families will join in the activities together and that parents or older family members will help younger ones to complete the tasks. The activities  have been designed with Eastfield Park in mind but similar activities could be carried out in other parks.


During July, the grass cutting team from idverde mowed part of the extended meadow area near Eleonore House. It wasn't in the plan to do this, and it was done without informing the FoEP, but since traditional hay meadows were usually mowed in July, no real damage has been done. The areas where the yellow rattle was growing was not mowed.

Native wildflowers compete best with grasses where soil fertility is low. Decomposing grass cuttings increase soil fertility so it is best to remove them to get the best growth of wildflowers. Accordingly, on Friday, 24th July, Tony Mallard worked with Vic and Janette Smith to rake up cuttings left by the idverde contractors.  Janette also took photos of the mature part of the meadow that had not been mowed.

Haymaking 4 Meadow 6 IMGP1352comp

During 'lockdown', some of the woodland footpaths had started to get very overgrown with vegetation.  The FoEP have now recommenced their programme of clearing woodland pathways.  On 29th July, Phil Wheeler strimmed along the margins of some of the paths through Lakeview Spinney while Vic Smith removed overhead branches. Volunteers are still needed to help us with our efforts to keep Eastfield Park looking good!


During the month we also carried our a small amount of litter picking. Please get in touch if you would like to help us with any of these tasks.

Tony & Vic at work

Yarrow & chicory

Bird's-foot trefoil & knapweed

Phil at work

Katie Honey - Aged 7 compressed

Poster for Activity 6 submitted by

Katie Honey (Aged 7).

Well done, Katie, for being the first to submit a poster a complete any of the tasks.


It is still not possible to hold public meetings and our regular meeting venue, the Eden Close Community Hub, has not yet reopened to the public. We did, however, hold a committee meeting in July in the open air in Eastfield Park. During the meeting, we agreed the location for the two new park benches (one provided by the FoEP from Tesco 'Bags of Help' funding and the other provided by the ERA from Councillor Community Empowerment funding.

IMGP1349cropcomp IMGP1350cropcomp

Tony & Colin mark the position for the ERA bench

Colin & Mark mark the position for the FoEP bench