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July News ....

Love Parks Week ....

'Love Parks Week' is a national celebration of our parks and open spaces promoted by Keep Britain Tidy, a charity that fights for people’s right to live and work in places they can be proud of.  They also celebrate great parks and beaches through their Green Flag, Blue Flag and Keep Britain Tidy Awards.  The 2018 Love Parks Week ran from 13th to 22nd July and various activities were organised in Northampton's Parks to support it.

On Wednesday, 18th July, a team from NBC carried out various improvements to Eastfield Park including strimming an overgrown area near the top pond, repairing a dead hedge near the culvert into the top pond, chipping old branches, cutting back vegetation along informal pathways, clearing rubbish from ponds and general litter picking. The FoEP thank the entire team for their efforts and hope that something similar can be arranged in the autumn. Much was achieved but there is still a lot that could be done to make the Park even better.

On the same day, after school, the FoEP organised kite flying on the Skiddaw Field.  Despite the lack of wind the children who joined in seemed to have good fun. We sold nine kites and gave away one.  A few other children flew our demo kite - not a huge crowd but well worth the effort.

Strimmed Area Dead hedge front Lower pond cleared Lower pond cleared 2 Middle pond cleared Path cleared Dead hedge back Log rolling Path clearing Chipping Dead hedging Crew

'Rear' of the dead hedge

Working on the dead hedge

A job well done

The strimmed area

Part of the NBC Team

Vic Smith rolls a log out of the way

'Front' of the dead hedge

Clearing branches from a pathway

Sorting and chipping branches

Lower middle pond cleared of rubbish

Bottom pond cleared of rubbish (from north)

Bottom pond cleared of rubbish (from south)

Sometime between Wednesday 25th and Thursday 26th July, a large beech tree in Eastfield Park suffered major damage, apparently from natural causes.  The two main branches of the tree split away from the trunk but remained resting against it in a precarious position. The situation was potentially dangerous, especially to any children attempting to climb up the branches. The situation was reported to NBC Street Services on-line on Thursday, with a follow up call and pictures on Friday morning.  

Damaged tree Tree made safe Work being done from Chris F - ed

We are very happy to report that the tree was made safe later on Friday by specialists from idverde, the company now responsible for maintaining Northampton's parks. The FoEP thank idverde and Street Services for dealing with the situation so promptly and efficiently.

We regret that two of the four tree whips planted last autumn have now mysteriously disappeared!

Damaged tree on Thursday.

idverde at work on Friday

Tree made safe!

Picture: Chris Freeman