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Kite Flying in the Park ....

As part of the celebrations for Love Parks Week (2017) the FoEP organised a kite flying event in Eastfield Park after school (3.30-5.30) on Tuesday 18th July. The activity took place on Skiddaw Field (the area north of the Lake and east of Mallard Walk).  Children (and adults) were able to fly their own kites or purchase a simple ready-made kite for just £2.50.  Conditions on the day were ideal for kite flying with easterly to south-easterly winds of 10 to 14 mph.  A few people flew their own kites and a total of sixteen kites made up from kits were either sold or given away to helpers.  Three types of kite were made up from kits: diamond kites, star kites and sled kites.  The diamond kites were the easiest to make and flew well so in future we will focus on these.

Other News ....

July News ....

On 13th July school children from Headlands Primary School collected litter along Booth Lane and in Eastfield Park. These pictures were taken at the end of the session while the children were handing over the collected bags of litter and enjoying refreshments outside the Bushland Road Co-op.

School Children remove litter from the Park and elsewhere.



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Work on pathways continues ....

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On 29th June and 5th July Friends of Eastfield Park worked hard to open up the Boothville end of the pathway  through the Lakeview Spinney.  Much of it had become heavily overgrown with brambles and it was time-consuming to cut a way through, not helped by the fact that somebody had dumped garden waste on part of the path.  Do warn people that dumping garden waste in the Park is considered to be fly tipping and carries a heavy fine!  It is now possible to follow the route through the trees all the way from the Booth Lane entrance to Skiddaw Walk.  However, work is still needed to improve the middle section of the path.

Click on any photograph for a larger view with caption.  The three last pictures below show progressive stages in improvements to the entrance of the pathway at the Booth Lane end.

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