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January 2020 ....

Annual General Meeting:

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The Annual FoEP Public Talk will take place in Broadmead Community Church on Tuesday 25th February, commencing at 7.30 pm (see poster below). The talk will be followed by a short AGM (see previous column).

The Friends of Eastfield Park's Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on Tuesday 25th February in Broadmead Community Church (the new building on the corner of Broadmead Avenue and Park Avenue North, NN3 2QY).  The AGM will follow a Public Talk about the ecosystem services provided by Eastfield Park (see next column).  The talk will begin at 7.30 pm and the AGM will start sometime between 8.30 and 8.45 and will be over by 9.30 at the very latest.

The talk will consider the ecosystem services provided by the Park.  Ecosystem services cover all the benefits provided by ecosystems that contribute to making human life possible and worth living.

The most important item at the AGM is the election of the new FoEP Management Committee.  The committee will be elected under the new Constitution agreed at last year's AGM. Newly elected members will serve for up to three years, after which they will need to seek re-election if they wish to continue serving. Committee members may seek re-election as many times as they wish.

Before the AGM, a Chair's Report and a Treasurer's Report for 2019 will be circulated to members.  These will be formally acknowledged at the AGM and comments and questions received.

Bags of Help:

Public Talk:

Because existing committee members were all elected under the old constitution, they all need to seek re-election at the AGM if they wish to continue serving.  John Baxter has indicated that he does not wish to stand for re-election; Bernard Kelly sadly passed away during the year and Alan Wright is now too ill to be involved in FoEP activities. The remaining committee members are all standing for re-election. They will also be nominating Mark Boyce and Colin Bricher to join them on the new committee. Assuming these are all elected at the AGM, one vacancy will remain unfilled.

FoEP members standing for election onto the new committee are therefore:

  • Mr Mark Boyce

  • Mr Colin Bricher

  • Mr Christopher Freeman

  • Borough Cllr Paul Joyce (Eastfield Ward)

  • Borough Cllr Anna King (Phippsville Ward)

  • Mr Tony Mallard

  • Ms Vikkie Maloney

  • Ms Linda Martin

  • Ms Carole Morrison

  • Mr Martin Sawyer

  • Dr Vic Smith


Although the talk will focus on Eastfield Park, it should be of interest to anybody keen to know more about the environment.  It will be suitable for teenagers studying biology or geography.


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The FoEP applied for a Tesco 'Bags of Help' award in May, 2018. We are delighted that, after a long wait, we have been successful and that voting is now taking place in local Tesco stores to determine how much we will receive.

We had originally applied for a grant of £4000 -the maximum available at the time.  However, since making our application, the maximum has been reduced to £2000, with awards of £1000 and £500 for those who come second and third in the in-store voting.

Any funding we receive will be put towards the cost of a new bench to be installed along 'Cedar Walk', the extension of Apple Tree Walk through the Park.  Any additional funding will be used to purchase a waste bin to go near the bench, followed by another information board about the Park's history.  We also hope to plant bulbs close to the bench and information board.  We do have some funding available to add to the Tesco award but a lot will depend on what we get after the votes have been cast.


Ecosystem Services