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January 2019 ....

In recent years, the brambles and scrub along the northern perimeter of the Park, between the ponds and Apple Tree Walk, have increasingly extended out into the open parkland.  The aerial photographs below compare the situation in 2006 with that of last year.  Although the brambles provide a good habitat for wildlife, including foxes and badgers, plus a source of blackberries for many park users, the growth should not be allowed to continue unchecked, reducing as it does, the the area of grassland within the Park.  Volunteers working with the Friends of Eastfield Park have therefore begun a programme of cutting back the brambles to within a few metres of the fence separating the Park from Cynthia Spencer Hospice and Manfield Grange. This will still leave plenty of cover for wildlife and a supply of blackberries in season but should allow the tractor drivers to cut vegetation closer to the fence, hopefully restoring the area of grass to what it was a few years ago.

Cutting back the brambles ....

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The first flowers of the year are beginning to flower on the Crescent Rock Garden. The pictures show snowdrops, winter aconites and a lone crocus - all taken in January, 2019.

Volunteers Carole and Jo during the work.

Brambles after work finished for the day.

Brambles before work started.



2006A 2018A



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Work carried out on 10th January 2019

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The Chair's Report for 2018 will be presented at the AGM on Tuesday 19th February. A preview can be downloaded by clicking the following link:




The Report is simply a list of the FoEP's activities and achievements during 2018.  More information about some of the FoEP's most important achievements over a longer period of time, together with a discussion of some of our future plans and what's preventing us from achieving them, will be presented at an illustrated public talk, 'Eastfield Park: Achievements, Plans and Setbacks', preceding the AGM.  


The talk will be given in the new Broadmead Centre (home of Broadmead Baptist Church) on the corner of Broadmead Avenue and Park Avenue North (NN3 2QY).  It will begin at 7.30 pm, and last for about an hour including questions. Doors will open at 7.00 pm to give visitors a chance to look at a display of photographs and admire the new building (only part of which is yet open).  The AGM will start at about 8.45 and visitors may stay for this or leave as they wish.



Chair's Report for 2018