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January News ....

compIMGP5310crop compIMGP5289 compIMGP5290 compIMGP5302cor compIMGP5304 Dog bin by Lake comp report crop

Bin at Skiddaw Walk Entrance

Bin on Apple Tree Walk

Damaged Dog Bin near Lake

Bin by Seat near Bottom Pond

Bin at East End of Greenside

Bin at Booth Lane Entrance

The situation with regard to dog bins is more complex. The dog bin by the ha-ha (sunken wall) on the northern border of the Park was damaged by vandals and removed.  The two dog bins by the Lake are in very poor condition: one has no bottom and the other has no lid.  It is, however, the responsibility of Amey/Enterprise to replace these bins and NBC is against us paying for work that should be carried out by the contractor.  Amey/Enterprise, however, seem very slow to do this kind of work and it may be that it just doesn’t get done before the end of the contract.  (They should have installed the litter bins but NBC employed an independent contractor to do that.)


In the longer term it is expected that dog bins will disappear and be replaced by litter bins because it is now permissible to put bagged dogs’ mess into ordinary litter bins.

New Litter Bins for Park

Five new litter bins were installed in Eastfield Park during January, 2017. The locations of the five bins are given in the captions to the photographs of the bins shown below.  Funding for the bins was provided by Councillors Elizabeth Gowen (3 bins), Mike Hallam (1 bin) and Matthew Lynch (1 bin) through the Councillor Empowerment Scheme.


It is the aim of the FoEP to have a litter bin at each of the Park’s main entrances (now achieved) and beside each park bench (still an ambition).  We do possess two second hand bins that need repainting before they can be installed and there is also the bin that was pulled out of the lake last year that needs restoration work before it can be returned to the Park. We also hope that eventually we can get more seats for the Park and that will hopefully mean even more bins.

Other News ....

During January, Police divers searched East-field Park Lake looking for evidence in connection with the murder of David Brickwood in September 2015.  Officers  were searching for a weapon or items that may have been stolen during the murder. The crime was committed in Lindsay Avenue in Abington, over 1 km from the Lake.

Vic Smith (Chair of the FoEP) and Dean Byrne (NBC Park Ranger) carried out inspections of the Park on two days during January.  Each item of equipment was examined and given a score from zero to six where ‘0’ means ‘missing’, ‘1’ indicates ‘in a dangerous condition’, ‘2’ denotes ‘unsatisfactory condition but not dangerous’, ‘3’ stands for ‘damaged but usable’, ‘4’ signifies ‘reasonable’, ‘5’ implies ‘only superficial damage – scratches or scribbles’ and 6 (rarely given) represents ‘pristine’. The categories merge into each other and we often find we give an intermediate score such as ‘3/4’. Also, it is sometimes the case that a piece of equipment is in reasonably good condition but one fault makes it unserviceable. These, however, are just the things we are looking for and it is easy to add a few notes to the score. We also note the general condition of the Park and and incorporate our findings into a ‘State of the Park’ report submitted to NBC through the Eastfield Park Management Committee (EPMC). The damaged dog bin scored only '2' despite the fact that it is still in use!

Christopher Freeman, one of the FoEP’s keenest volunteers, suffered a stroke early in the month.  He needs to get plenty of rest before starting work in the Park again.  We wish him a full and speedy recovery!


Police Divers search the Lake