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February 2019 ....

At last!

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AGM & Public Talk

Chair's Report for 2018

Cutting back the football hedge

At last repairs have been carried out to the areas in front of five benches in Eastfield Park.

Over the years, the areas in front of the benches in Eastfield Park have become badly eroded. The resulting depressions become filled with muddy water, particularly in winter.  People using the benches therefore have found it difficult to keep their footware from becoming soaked in water or covered in mud.

The Friends of Eastfield Park obtained a grant from Cllr Paul Joyce's community empowerment fund early in 2018 to remedy the situation and the appropriate amount was transferred back to NBC last Easter.  However, the contractor appointed by NBC to carry out the work has been extremely busy working elsewhere and it was only at the beginning of February that the work was carried out.

Pavement slabs have been laid down in front of five benches and it is hoped that people will now be able to make use of these seats in winter without getting their feet wet or muddy!


Bench 2 comp Bench 1 comp Bench 3 Comp Bench 4 Comp Bench 5 comp

This picture is a reminder of what conditions were like before slabs were laid:

Seat for report

During February, Chris Freeman and Jo Tear, joined on occasions by Mary Hamilton and Vic Smith, have been working hard cutting back the 'Football Hedge' - the hedge that runs along the south side of the football pitches.

This is necessary because the hedge has been growing further and further out towards the sports pitches and the contractors are unable to cut the grass alongside the hedge.  It has also become a dumping ground for rubbish.  The work needs to be done in autumn or winter to avoid disturbing nesting birds. Therefore we will stop at the beginning of March even if we haven't managed to cover the whole hedge.  We prefer to do the work by hand to produce a more pleasing result which is also more ecologically friendly.  A machine would simply tear through the branches producing a very unpleasant outcome.

The following pictures show work carried out on 11th February, 2019:

Chris comp Jo comp During comp Cut back exposes rubbish comp After comp Before comp IMGP8351compressed

And, finally, a picture taken in May, 2018, showing why the work was necessary:

Attendance at the FoEP Public Talk and Annual General Meeting on 19th February was very disappointing. Only eight committee members plus one other member attended. Two members of Broadmead Baptist Church helped with the arrangements and two local residents called in but did not stay.

Two of the original reasons for organising a public talk before the AGM were: first, to inform a wider range of people about the activities of the FoEP and second, to promote a greater interest in Eastfield Park.  This seemed to work for a few years but, more recently, the talk has failed to attract many visitors, even from among those who support us in other ways.  It seems possible that people who have some interest in the Park  feel that they already know enough about the Park and the FoEP from our website and Facebook page and that it is not worth the effort to attend a public meeting.  Since we advertise the talk mainly through our online presence and notices within the Park, it is possible that our publicity is not reaching people who at present show no interest in the Park.  It should also be noted that the meeting was in half-term week when many families are on holiday.

At the AGM all members of the present FoEP Committee were elected to serve for another year.  These are: Mr John Baxter, Mr Chris Freeman, Mr Bernard Kelly, Borough Cllr Paul Joyce (Eastfield Ward), Borough Cllr Anna King (Phippsville Ward), Mr Tony Mallard, Ms Vikkie Maloney, Ms Linda Martin, Ms Carole Morrison, Mr Martin Sawyer, Dr Vic Smith and Mr Alan Wright.

Decisions made at the AGM

The AGM also approved the Chair's Report and the Financial Statement for 2018 and agreed, after accepting a few minor alterations to the circulated draft as a result of a member's comments, to adopt the proposed new FoEP Constitution.  Click the boxes to download the relevant documents:

New Constitution 2019

Forthcoming Events:

It was agreed that the Eastfield Park 'Spring Clean' would be held on Saturday 6th March.


It was also agreed that the FoEP would not organise an '[email protected]' event this year.

Financial Statement for 2018