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Other news ....


The following were elected to the FoEP Committee at the AGM in January:

  • Mr John Baxter

  • Mr Christopher Freeman

  • Mr Bernard Kelly

  • Borough Cllr Paul Joyce

  • Borough Cllr Anna King

  • Mr Tony Mallard

  • Ms Vikkie Maloney

  • Ms Linda Martin

  • Ms Carole Morrison

  • Mr Martin Sawyer

  • Dr Vic Smith

  • Mr Alan Wright

The election of Officers will take place at the next committee meeting.

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Saturday 3rd March

   10.00 am to 12.00 midday

   14.00 pm to 16.00 pm


See poster on January News for more information.

February News ....

The Ha-ha Project ....

The Eastfield Park Ha-ha is the sunken wall that originally separated Weston Favell House gardens from the grazed parkland beyond.  Today it lies below the fence that separates Eastfield Park from the grounds of Manfield Grange (formerly Manfield Orthopaedic Hospital, the hospital that was formed around Weston Favell House after it had been given to the Northampton County Crippled Children's Trust by James Manfield in 1924).

By 2011 the Ha-ha had become difficult to see;  it was overgrown with ivy and the ditch had bushes and small trees growing in it (Fig. 1).  While this vegetation was good for wildlife, it obscurred an important aspect of the Park's heritage.  The Management Plan for the Park, produced by the Eastfield Park Management Committee in May 2015, therefore called for part of the ha-ha to be exposed to public view.  Accordingly, a team of volunteers from Lloyds Bank cleared a small section of the wall in September 2015 (Figs. 2 - 4).  This was extended by the same team in November 2016 (Figs 5 - 6).  Daffodils were then planted in the cleared part of the ditch (Fig 7).

2011 Before work During first session After first session

Fig 1: The Ha-ha in 2011

Fig 3: During work in 2015

Fig 4: After work in 2015

Fig 2: Before work in 2015

Second session work End of second session Daffs on cleared section Plan for Ha-ha

Fig 5: During work in 2016

Fig 6: After work in 2016

Fig 7: Daffodils in 2017

Fig 8: Concept for the future

The Friends of Eastfield Park now want to develop the site further by having a bench installed in front of the Ha-ha with interpretation boards ex-plaining aspects of the Park's history placed at both ends of the seat.  (For a very rough idea of the concept see Fig. 8). The bench should be installed on a flagstone base to prevent erosion in front of the bench as has occurred with other benches on the Park.  A waste bin should also be located in the close vicinity; not too close because of potential smells from the bin, but close enough for bench users to make use of.  It is also hoped to develop a small garden of spring-flowering bulbs behind the bench.

We are delighted to report that Cllr. Paul Joyce (Eastfield) has allocated £2,700 from his community fund for this project.  This is not enough to cover the whole scheme but we hope to go ahead with getting the bench and waste bin installed, and possibly filling in some of the holes in front of other park benches (and having flagstones placed over the areas most subject to attrition).  In the meantime, we will be investigating the possibility of other Councillors funding the in-terpretation boards, though such support may have to wait until next financial year.



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