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FoEP: Improving the Park for the benefit of the whole community


Friends of Eastfield Park (FoEP) consult local residents and negotiate with interested parties concerning future developments within the Park:

When the FoEP was first set up, one of our priorities was to hold ‘brain storming’ sessions to generate ideas about the kind of Park we wanted to see and how it should be managed.  But we did not function in isolation!  Our membership included members of other organisations such as Eastfield Residents Association, Lakeview Residents Association, Groundwork Northamptonshire and Broadmead Baptist Church.  We have always had close links with Borough (NBC) and County (NCC) Councillors, some of whom are or were members of the FoEP Committee.  We talk to local residents and we have carried out consultations in schools. More recently we have conducted on-line surveys using our previous website and/or SurveyMonkey and have delivered paper questionnaires to every house in Northampton's Eastfield Ward.


Our aim is to consult widely with all those who have an interest in the Park and to discuss our plans and activities with relevant people and organisations  Before devising plans for the Park or carrying out activities that change the Park we negotiate with Councillors and Officers from NBC to determine the range of actions we should attempt.  This has been made much easier by the formation of the Eastfield Park Management Committee (EPMC) which includes representatives from local Residents Associations as well as Councillors and Council Officers.  The Committee is currently chaired by the Chair of the FoEP. The whole of Eastfield Park is a Local Wildlife Site and we consult with the local Wildlife Trust regarding management of the Park.


We hope to continue to strengthen our contacts with other park users, both individuals and organisations.  If you feel that your views, or those of a group to which you belong, are not being heard, why not join FoEP and discuss them with us.  We would love to have you ‘on board’.  And please take the opportunity to give us your views or raise issues of conern through this website. You can use the form on the 'Contact' page to do this.