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August News ....


Keep Britain Tidy's Great British Spring Clean should have taken place this year from 20th March to 13th April. It had to be postponed, however, because of the Covid-19 lock-down. It has now been rescheduled as the Great British September Clean from 11th to 27th September, 2020. The Friends of Eastfield Park are supporting the campaign but, because of continuing C-19 restrictions, we are unable to hold a full-scale community clean-up.

NEW WEBSITE (and the fate of this old one):

Every two months, FoEP Chair, Vic Smith, writes a full-page article for the free community magazine, In & around NN3 - Parklands, Boothville & Westone and sometimes his pictures, taken in the Park, appear on the cover. Vic's articles nearly always have some specific connection to Eastfield Park but many of them are also relevant to a wider audience.  For example, the next article, for the October/November 2020 magazine, will be about Himalayan balsam, a plant that grows around the lake in Eastfield Park but is a widespead troublesome, though very attractive, weed. If you like reading Vic's articles, let him or the magazine's editor know; it's great to have some encouragement and good publicity for the FoEP. You can read the current magazine at:

Our new website (www.foep.co.uk) is up and running and already contains much information transferred from this site. All previous news pages (from 2012 onwards) have already been transferred to the new site as non-interactive images displayed in three galleries on the same page. Being non-interactive means that the links on the news pages will no longer function and pictures will not enlarge if you click on them. (It is possible, however, to enlarge the image of the newspage itself to fill the full screen.) Losing the links is not considered important because most of the links, particularly on the older news items, are out-of-date anyway. Links which are still considered relevant will appear elsewhere on the website. The intention is to continue writing monthly news on this site until the end of the year. After that, news items will appear on the new site, although it is likely that they will be presented as part of irregular blogs rather than as regular monthly up-dates. Eventually, it is hoped to transfer all relevant information from this site and our other (unfinished) site about Eastfield Park, to the new site.


Keep Britain Tidy suggests there are two ways in which people can get involved and show support for the September Clean:

  • Organise a private clean-up with up to five other family and friends.

  • Pledge to do your own individual clean-up, you can give as little as 15 minutes to the campaign.

The FoEP are therefore encouraging individuals, pairs, or family groups to carry out their own litter-picks in the Park on 18th, 19th or 20th September. If you collect on one of these three days you may leave your sacks of litter piled up at the Skiddaw Walk entrance to the Park to be collected by Veolia on 21st September. If you collect on a different day, however, you will need to make your own arrangements for disposing of the collected litter (for example, in your own domestic black bin, though small amounts of litter could be added to the park litter bins). More information about litter picking and health & safety, especially during the current Covid-19 pandemic, can be found on our new website:

Join in and Make a Difference!

The FoEP are also organising a small 'task force' to collect larger items of rubbish on Saturday, 19th September. However, the number of people in the task force need to be resricted to a maximum of six, including organisers.


It is still not possible to hold public meetings. Our regular meeting venue, the Eden Close Community Hub, has not yet reopened to the public.


Contact the FoEP if you would like to borrow equipment.


The FoEP are delighted that during August we have had some new volunteers adding chippings to pathways in the Park.  However, more volunteers are still needed for this and other work. Some of our older members are no longer able to carry out the work they once did and people are needed to maintain informal pathways, gardens and meadow areas (not included in the contract between NBC and idVerde).


NN3 Community Magazine

Vic's article about canine parasites (including a mention of Eastfield Park) is on Page 10.


Some of the rubbish collected during the 2018 'Spring Clean'