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August 2019....

A Quieter Month:

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Sad News:

Antisocial Behaviour:

After a very busy July, August has been a much quieter month for the FoEP - a chance to enjoy our beautiful Park in the sunshine (some of the time) instead of digging & weeding, improving paths, litter picking and all those other activities that the FoEP carry out to improve the Park. But don't worry; there will be ample opportunity to get involved in work in the Park during the autumn months!

Please don't think that we've been completely idle during the month; Chris continued to work on the Crescent Rock Garden and Vic has put up some additional shelving in our lock-up.  He has also prepared and installed a temporary display for the new heritage board near the ha-ha.

As distressing as unwanted graffiti is, unlike motorcycling on the Park, it is not dangerous to the general public.  However, the good news with regard to illegal motorcyclists is that in recent months several of them have been apprehended by the Police and some have had their bikes confiscated.  Police action is not always obvious to members of the general public but, be assured, they are acting if and when they can, and are probably more effective in this area than many believe.  It is also worth noting that while some of the key troublemakers have moved away from the area, those riding on the Park are not necessarily local.  While those seen riding around the Park in circles may be from nearby, those who ride across the Park at speed may be from much further away - and the Police are very much aware of this.  So, it is worth reporting ALL incidents to the authorities, even if you believe nothing will be done; more is going on behind the scenes than you may think!

It is with great sadness that we have to report that our dear friend and loyal FoEP supporter, Bernard Kelly, passed away on 29th August, 2019, aged 88.

As previously mentioned, the new heritage information board by the ha-ha was covered in graffiti even before the FoEP had a chance to put a temporary display in it. This, however, was only one example of a recent spate of graffiti on park equipment, particularly on the Lakeview side of the Park.   It is disappointing to say the least when the FoEP go to enormous efforts to improve the Park, only to see their efforts damaged by thoughtless individuals who have nothing better to do than spoil the efforts of others.  An attempt has been made to remove the most offensive graffiti but much remains and it is particularly distressing to see it on the new heritage board.

Graffiti on New Heritage Board with Temporary Display:

Bernard was a founder-member of the FoEP and has served for the last eight-and-a-half years as its Vice-Chair.  He was particularly interested in the Park’s history and was very knowledgeable about the Manfield and Ray families. He also took an interest in the Park’s wildlife and there are still nest boxes on trees in the Park, constructed and secured by Bernard some years ago.  Bernard regularly attended our clean-up activities and community events.  As his strength became less, he would often act as quarter-master issuing equipment to other volunteers but he usually made the effort to do one round of litter picking.  At [email protected] he particularly enjoyed working on the tombola stall and he always joined in the carol singing in or near the Park at Christmas time.  Bernard will be greatly missed by all his friends and associates in the FoEP. He was a thoroughly nice person, kind, considerate, and genial, a pleasure to know and a pleasure to work with.

Vic decided that the display should concentrate on just two aspects of the Park's heritage: Weston Favell House (now Manfield Grange) and the ha-ha itself.  It is hoped that in the future we will be able to get more boards that can deal with other aspects of the Park's history.

Unfortunately, the new heritage board had been covered in graffiti even before Vic had the chance to install the temporary display, so people will find it difficult to read the text (reproduced in full below).  If it proves impossible to remove the graffiti without damaging the screen, a new screen will have to be fitted at the same time as a permanent display is installed.  The content of the permanent display will be more or less the same as the temporary display.

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IMGP9821comp Bernard 2

Bernard collecting an 'It's Your Neighbourhood' Award in 2014.

Bernard Kelly (1930-2019)

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