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Rain for Easter but Sunshine for the Park 'Spring Clean' ....

Our 10th 'Easter@Eastfield' family fun afternoon took place on Easter Saturday, the last day of March, too late to be included in last month's news.  Despite some very bad weather on the day, the event was very successful.

In contrast, the rescheduled 'Spring Clean' of the Park on 21st April took place in brilliant sunshine.  Thirty-four volunteers took part: 19 in the morning and 18 in the afternoon (that means three did both sessions).  People sign in and sign out so we know that nearly 70 hours of community effort went into the tidy-up.  During the morning around 30 bags of litter were collected plus a shopping trolley, a car tyre, an ornamental table, a bicycle wheel & tyres, a garden strimmer, bed headboard and a desk lamp. Most of this came from the Park but some had been fly-tipped in the nearby estate.  Some of the heavy items were pulled from the lake.  During the afternoon about 26 bags of litter were collected plus the remains of a wooden bed frame - all from the Park.  The rubbish was piled up just outside the Skiddaw Walk entrance to the Park and collected, most efficiently, on Monday by Kev Whelan working for Amey/Enterprise.  Again, a big 'thank you' to everybody involved.

'Easter@Eastfield' has never been about raising funds.  In fact, this is the first year that the FoEP retained a proportion of the donations given on the day for its own use; in previous years all donations have gone to the supported charity.  Nevertheless, we were able to give £88 from the day to Guide Dogs for the Blind and keep a slightly smaller sum for our own funds.  (This is quite separate from the £18.50 that was collected for the Royal British Legion from donations for the wooden crosses and other emblems for the Remembrance Garden.)  The real measure of success, however, was the number of people who braved the weather to attend the event.  We know that 64 children had a go on the Bouncy Castle, between 60 and 80 took part in the Easter Trail or the Egg Count and 25 had their faces painted.  Considering the weather, we regard this as an excellent turn-out.  We want to put on record our thanks to everybody who helped out, some by providing funds or prizes for the event, some by helping to carry, erect and pack away equipment (in the rain) and others by staffing stalls (again, in the rain). Of course, we also want to thank all those families who came along and hopefully enjoyed themselves.  It didn't rain for the whole time but many of us got very wet indeed!

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Spring Clean Base Camp - Setting up

Spring Clean Base Camp - Signing in

Setting out on the Spring Clean

The afternoon collection

The morning collection

Organiser, Vic Smith, with Sally Keeble


As you many of you will know, a new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force on 25th May and the FoEP need your permission if we are to send you information about our events and activities.  We are also taking this opportunity to review our member-ship list.

 If you wish to receive regular emails from us please download the sign-up form by clicking the link below, tick Box A, complete the rest of the form and return it to us (as an email attachment, by post, or in person).





If you wish to be a member of the FoEP and have voting rights at our AGM in February, follow the same procedure but tick Box B as well as Box A.  There is no membership fee and no obligation to attend meetings, activities or events but the more members we have, the better it is when applying for funds to improve the Park.

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FoEP Objectives

•The objectives of FoEP shall be to ensure the facilities of the Park are maintained, enhanced, conserved and improved for the benefit of the whole community.

•To protect the natural beauty and help to improve the existing facilities and resources of the park.

•To provide facilities in the interests of social welfare, health and recreation with the object of improving the quality of life for the residents of Northampton.

•FoEP will campaign and raise funds to maintain and improve the character and access to the Park.

•To ensure a community based involvement in the future of the park.

•FoEP will initiate and monitor schemes to develop facilities of the park.

•FoEP will consult with residents and negotiate with the Local Authority and other bodies.

•FoEP will aim for the park to gain the ‘Green Flag Award’.

•FoEP will operate within their equal opportunities policy at all times.