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FoEP: Improving the Park for the benefit of the whole community


About the FoEP (Who we are):

‘Friends of Eastfield Park’ (FoEP) is a voluntary community organisation whose main aim is to improve Eastfield Park, Northampton, UK, for the benefit of all its users.  We do this through research, consultation, planning, development and promotion of the Park as well as organising conservation activities and social events in the Park.  Our vision is “To create a safe and accessible park with well managed and maintained facilities and amenities that enhance the well being of residents living in the area. The park should reflect and retain its natural beauty and heritage and be a place to relax, learn and be inspired.”

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Committee Members (2020):

Friends of Eastfield Park (FoEP) was originally formed in November 2006 as a result of local interest in improving the Park for the benefit of the whole community.  It was officially constituted at a public meeting in November 2007.  Membership is open to all individuals and groups interested in furthering the objectives of the organisation. The FoEP committee consists of up to 12 members and is elected annually in February at the AGM.  The committee currently has representatives from:

Eastfield Residents Association

Lakeview Residents Association

Broadmead Community Church

Borough Councillors

The FoEP shall:


  • Make every effort to ensure that the Park’s qualities, resources and facilities are cared for and improved for the benefit of the whole community,

  • Endeavour to protect the Park’s natural beauty, heritage and biodiversity,

  • Develop schemes to monitor and develop resources and facilities within the park,

  • Encourage greater use of the Park for sport, play and relaxation in the interests of community welfare, health and wellbeing, with the intention of improving the quality of life for local residents,

  • Work to improve access to the Park for all sections of the community,

  • Ensure a community based involvement in the future of the park,

  • Promote knowledge and understanding of the Park’s history and wildlife,

  • Seek to improve the Park and its management to a level sufficient to achieve a Green Flag Award.

Constitutional Objectives:

Our Logo:

The logo of FoEP consists of a ring of 26 black circles on a green square with a blue strip running down the left-hand side of the square.  ‘Friends of Eastfield Park’ is written vertically in Monotype Corsiva font down the blue strip and the initials ‘FOEP’ are written in Goudy Stout font as a block in the centre of the ring.


Constitution:  (Download copy here)


Mr Mark Boyce (Treasurer)

Mr Colin Bricher

Mr Christopher Freeman

Borough Cllr Paul Joyce (Eastfield Ward)

Borough Cllr Anna King (Phippsville Ward)

Mr Tony Mallard (Vice-Chair)

Ms Vikkie Maloney

Ms Linda Martin

Ms Carole Morrison (Secretary)

Mr Martin Sawyer

Dr Vic Smith (Chair)

The green and blue of the logo represent the grass and water of Eastfield Park; the 26 black circles represent the Bull Ring, one of the oldest features of the Park being present on maps dated 1798 (there were 26 trees in the ring at the time of the sale of the Weston Favell House Estate in 1923/1924).  Monotype Corsiva font has been used as a heading for ‘Friends of Eastfield Park’ since its formation in 2006; Goudy Stout font was chosen for ‘FOEP’ to represent the ‘rural’ nature of much of this suburban Park.  (The ‘O’ of FoEP is in capitals for the sake of balance; it is normally written in lower case.)

Bullring on 1798 map